Floodtags Dashboard Release Notes
  • Release v2.10 (2020‑09‑21)
    New Features
    • The bottom graph is now hidden by default on small devices, and can be toggled on/off using the 'arrow' icon.
    Fixes and Optimizations
    • The 'Layers' icon is now hidden if only one layer can be selected
    • Fixed a problem with the bottom graph, where a date range could not be selected when showing an event.
  • Release v2.9 (2020‑07‑20)
    New Features
    • In addition to text and images, the dashboard now also shows video’s from Telegram data.
    • In the settings page you can now request the following new features;
      • Add more data sources: To add data from new platforms or websites.
      • Add more topics: To analyze new types of information, such as droughts or water conflicts.
      • Connect WhatsApp: To request an information reporting assistant on WhatsApp that people can use to send information to the dashboard.
    Fixes and Optimizations
    • Fixed an issue that caused Dashboard to hang when there is no data.
    • Fixed an issue that caused data from some data sources to disappear, when specific combinations of filters and data sources were selected.
  • Release v2.8 (2020‑06‑11)
    New Features
    • We have added a ‘Search this Area’ button. By clicking this button, you filter the content in the graph and right menu, to show only tags from the current map extent.
    • The ‘Word Cloud’ menu has been overhauled. The Word, Hashtag and Location counts are now more accurate, and the improved design means you can use them more effectively.
    • Where previously only 10 tags could be shown in a location popup, we’ve now removed this restriction. You can now view the full list of tags for a location. Also, the design has been streamlined with the right menu, meaning you can see additional properties such as water depth and list of derived events in a location popup.
    Fixes and Optimizations
    • Improved logout functionality for the Dashboard.